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Iron and Sulfur Water Filtration Will Benefit Your Home

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Iron and Sulfur Water Filtration

Bad smelling or strange odors coming from your tap water should cause you to question the quality and safety of the water, as odors often suggest the presence of impurities, like sulfur and iron, which may present a health risk.

However, some odors, like those caused by sulfur, are generally just more of an annoyance, affecting the smell and taste.

Whether harmful or not, having a high-quality water filtration system professionally installed will eliminate virtually all contaminants, removing over 99 percent of minerals and heavy metals, as well as bacteria, viruses and chemicals.

What is Iron and Sulfur Water?
Minerals, like iron and sulfur, are naturally present in the ground in many areas. When homes have water supplied from a well, or smaller municipal water sources, the minerals have often leached into the water.

Normally, when found in amounts typically associated with well water, these minerals are usually harmless when ingested. However, aside from the unpleasant odors and taste, some minerals can cause damage to pluming and appliances.

What are the Signs of Sulfur and Iron in My Water?
The signs of sulfur in your tap water supply are readily identified by its easily recognizable “rotten-egg” odor. Sulfur, which is what causes the well-known rotten-egg smell, has no identified negative health effects.

Iron is often found when sulfur is present and will typically turn the water dark and give it a “slick” feeling. If not treated iron in the water will stains clothes, appliances and fixtures, such as washers, sinks, tubs and showers. Also, when used for laundry, iron will react with chlorine bleach and create dark “rusty” stains on clothes.

Why Should I Hire a Professional for This Job?
While generally harmless to drink and cook with, sulfur and iron in water will corrode metal, like plumbing systems and the internal parts of appliances, like dishwashers and washing machines, and can also blacken flatware and pots and pans.

Sulfur also makes cleaning laundry more difficult as it will reduce the cleaning effectiveness of laundry soap, especially if chlorine bleach is used in the wash.

The only way to get iron and sulfur out of your drinking water, and prevent damage to pipes and appliances, is by having a whole-house water filtration system professionally installed.

A qualified professional will know exactly which type of iron and sulfur water filtration system is right for your lifestyle, plumbing system and water-usage needs.

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