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    Get to Know Your Water in Mid & Southeast MI

    There is More in Your Home’s Water Than Just Water

    Clean, safe drinking water is a necessary aspect of everyone’s life. Fortunately, we enjoy a water supply that has gone through many steps from its source to get to your home in a safe manner. Michigan’s drinking water is cleaner than most, but contamination continues to occur. Maybe you noticed something off about your water’s smell or taste. Or you might be seeing residue left behind on clean dishes or clothes. These are common home water issues, but they don’t need to be for your family.

    Understanding the problem is the first step toward solving it. If you notice something off about your home’s water, you aren’t alone. Make sure to call in the professionals at 1st Choice Water Solutions when you notice something off about your water so your family can get back to enjoying the pure water they need.

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    Here at 1st Choice Water Solutions, we understand how important clean home water is. Our team has 30 years of experience in identifying home water problems. We can recommend solutions tailored to a customer’s needs. From chemicals and heavy metals to discolored water and water that smells off, we have seen it all. We can handle most home water contamination issues by giving you a long-term solution.

    When you work with 1st Choice Water Solutions, you get answers, not a lengthy sales process. Skip the circular conversations by getting down to business with professionals who can solve your family’s home water problems. Get a FREE Water Analysis in 15 minutes WITHOUT a sales pitch. Give our team a call at (888) 359-1355 to end your water issues today.

    Know Your Water

    Rusty Water

    Seeing reddish water come out of your facets? That rusty water may have iron in it.

    Smelly Water

    Who wants to drink smelly water? When your water has an odor, something has gone wrong.

    Hard Water Spots

    Make cleaning easier and rid your dishes of any residue your water leaves behind by handling your hard water spot issues.

    Scale Build Up

    Mineral deposits collect on your showerhead, faucets, sinks, and other places. Control scale build-up to prevent future problems.

    Water Contaminants

    From lead and chemicals to pesticides and fertilizers, there are several contaminants that make it into home drinking water.

    Bad Tasting Water

    Good water has no taste to it. Noticing any hints of bad flavoring you don’t want in your mouth?

    Arsenic Testing

    Does your drinking water have safe levels of arsenic? Professional testing may be necessary to identify your risk of arsenic poisoning.


    Stay Informed About the Latest Water Treatment News

    We stay on top of the latest news and changes in home water treatment regulations to serve you best. Read the most important articles on home water treatment here.