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    Bad Tasting Water in Michigan Homes

    Why Do I Have Bad Tasting Water in My Home?

    If your water tastes bad, many problems could be affecting your water. For starters, the Michigan public water treatment facilities decontaminate water with chlorine, which can leave a bad, chemical taste in your water. When your water tastes metallic, that’s a sign metals like iron, lead, mercury, and arsenic have seeped into the water supply. If your water tastes bad and has a rotten egg smell, hydrogen sulfide is likely in your water.

    Most of the time, bad tasting water is only an inconvenience and not bad for your health. However, chlorine can have long-term negative health effects, like increased risk of asthma and other respiratory complications. While it’s a good thing that chlorine is decontaminating the water, it does not need to remain in your water supply once it’s been decontaminated. Other causes of bad water, like iron and copper will wreak havoc on your pipes and eventually cause extensive damage and expensive repairs. If you have lead, mercury, or arsenic in your water, your health is definitely at risk. Let 1st Choice Water Solutions fix your bad-tasting water, so you actually want to get hydrated again without hurting your family or your home.

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    Improve the Taste and Quality of Your Home’s Water

    Drinking water is important to every aspect of your health, but when it tastes bad you don’t always want to drink it. You shouldn’t have to put up with water you don’t want to drink. That’s why it’s important to get your water tested if it ever has a metallic taste. 1st Choice Water Solutions can come to your home and conduct a FREE, no-obligation water test to determine what is causing your water to taste bad and pinpoint the perfect solution for your needs. If you have chlorine water, we can install a chlorine water filter to get rid of the chemical taste and reduce the long-term health risks associated with chlorine.

    Here at 1st Choice Water Solutions, we have many options to meet your clean water needs. We can also install water softeners to remove dissolved minerals and other impurities that make your water taste bad. Let 1st Choice Water Solutions fix your bad-tasting water, so you actually want to get hydrated again!


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