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    Hard Water Spots & Scale Build Up in Mid & Southeast Michigan

    Hard Water Marks Your Family’s Skin, Clothes, and Your Home

    You’ve probably seen the hard water stains on shower curtains or doors, glassware, and other surfaces in your home touched by water – but what is hard water in the first place? Hard water stains are unsightly and make your glassware and surfaces look old and worn out. Hard water is water with a high concentration of dissolved minerals. Hard water is caused by high mineral content (usually calcium, magnesium, and iron) due to groundwater that flows through limestone.

    Luckily, hard water will have no negative effects on your health. However, hard water stains can leave you feeling irritated. If you see small, faint spots in the shape of water droplets accumulated across your glassware, you’re dealing with hard water. Scum-like resin coating your bathtub and shower walls is another sign. A buildup of gunk in your hair or a sticky feeling in your hair might also mean you’re dealing with hard water. Hard water causes numerous irritations within the home. Let 1st Choice Water Solutions take care of it so you have one less nuisance in your daily life.

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    Remove Minerals and Build Up from Your Water with a Professionally Installed Water Softener

    Getting rid of hard water can rid your home of hard water stains once and for all. Plus, cleaning your home will be significantly easier. You can get rid of hard water with a water softener system. Water softener systems work by taking in hard water, removing the dissolved minerals with a water softening solution and cycling that water into your home.

    When you are ready to get started on a hard-water-free life, call 1st Choice Water Solutions. We’ll get you started with a water softener that’s right for your needs, and you’ll be on your way to spotless surfaces in no time. We have options available for all households and can accommodate your budget to meet your water filtration needs. Contact our team to schedule your FREE water analysis done in 15 minutes.


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