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Scale Build Up

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Scale Buildup

What causes scale buildup?

If you have limescale build up, you most certainly have hard water. Scale is dried, hardened minerals like calcium that are carried through your fixtures by hard water. When hard water dries, it leaves behind the mineral deposits, resulting in the greenish, crusty material you see most commonly in your bathroom and kitchen areas.

What are the effects of scale build up?

While limescale isn’t bad for your health, it can be very bad for your home. Limescale buildup is tough to clean, and causes you to clean more frequently. It can also leave an unpleasant film across surfaces like shower doors, walls and curtains. Limescale isn’t just an inconvenience, it can be a very expensive problem. If you’ve noticed a bunch of buildup around your surfaces and faucets, then just imagine what the inside of your pipes look like. Limescale buildup can cause extensive (and expensive) damage to your plumbing. If you’ve noticed an excess of limescale buildup, you definitely want to get your water checked for hardness.

How can I get rid of scale buildup?

The only way to truly stop limescale buildup is to have a water softener installed. A water softener will breakdown and filter out the dissolved minerals causing the limescale buildup around your bathtubs and faucets. If you think your water is hard, call 1st Choice Water Solutions. We’ll send one of our expert water softener experts to perform a hardness test on your water, and from there we can pinpoint the right water softener for your home’s needs. Don’t put up with gross, tough-to-clean limescale build up anymore, call 1st Choice Water Solutions.

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