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    Home Water Contaminants in Mid & Southeast Michigan

    What are the Hidden Contaminants in Your Water?

    Water contaminants are more common than most people think. Chemical elements like chlorine or disinfectant byproducts could remain in your drinking water long after it has left municipal facilities. Minerals like arsenic and lead can seep into your water through the ground or through old, corroded pipes. Pesticides and fertilizers, including PFAS/PFOS/PFOA, can also get into your water. For many common water contaminants, you can taste, smell, or see them, but some are impossible to detect without a water test.

    The effects of contaminants in your water could range from mild to extreme. Long-term health effects of drinking water with excess chlorine can lead to asthma and other respiratory problems, especially in children. Pesticides and fertilizers can lead to an increased risk of cancer, infertility, and loss of proper functionality in your eyes, kidneys, and liver. Some contaminants can even be deadly. With a quality home water filtration system installed by experienced professionals, you can limit the amount of dangerous contaminants from your home’s water.

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    Get the Quality Home Water Filtration System You Need to Root Out Most Contaminants

    When you suspect that you have contaminants in your water, the best thing is to have a quality water filtration system installed. Water filters will rid your water of most contaminants and can even make the water tastier to drink. If you’re worried about contaminants being in your water, call 1st Choice Water Solutions today.

    After discussing your issues, we’ll provide you with a FREE water test without the lengthy sales pitch. From there, we will draw on our 30 years of water purification experience to determine what water filtration systems or water softeners are right for your home. Rest assured that your home water is safe when you get a water filtration system from 1st Choice Water Solutions.


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