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    Water Treatment Systems in Mid & SE Michigan

    Perfect the Water You Use to Drink, Cook, Bathe, and More

    Water is the very essence of life. We use it for cooking, to clean up after eating, and for bathing daily. Though we use water so regularly, it is easy to forget all the other things riding the water into our bodies and homes. These contaminants can cause health risks, leave residue on your clothes and dishes, and clog your plumbing. Why wouldn’t you want to have the highest quality home water possible?

    Home water treatment systems can help remove dangerous, smelly, and unsightly contaminants from your home water. Whether it is lead and iron or chloride, fluorine, and sulfur, a home water purification system suited to your home and your family’s needs filters out the bad, leaving only the pure water you need.

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    1st Choice Water Solutions is Ready to Provide Professional Water Treatment Services for Your Home

    Experienced, professional water treatment experts will ensure that you have the highest quality water in your home. 1st Choice Water Solutions opened in 2015, but our team has 30 years of water treatment industry experience to back our work. Our technicians will work with you to establish the current state of your home’s water then make recommendations on the system that would be best for you. Get what you need and nothing beyond that when you work with the seasoned pros at 1st Choice Water Solutions.

    1st Choice Water Solutions offers a range of water treatment services to improve the quality of our community’s home water. Make sure to call the professionals for the following solutions:

    • Water Softeners – Minerals infiltrate home drinking water leaving their mark on your home and your family’s bodies. Purify minerals such as lime and calcium found in hard water with this system.
    • Iron and Sulfur Filters – Hone in on iron and sulfur with a filtration system tailored to focus on these dangerous contaminates.
    • Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems – Enjoy the pure water you deserve free of impurities, pollutants, and contaminants with a Reverse Osmosis system.
    • Whole House Filtration Systems – Revamp your overall home water quality with water softeners, water filtration systems, and any other filtration agent that will leave you with clean, soft water.

    Benefits of Home Water Treatment Systems

    • Help Maintain Your Plumbing System
      • Minerals and chemicals in your plumbing system can clog your pipes and slow or damage your system. A home water treatment system lowers the chance of leaks, trickling water, and bursting pipes.
    • Reduce Residue on Clothes, Dishes, and More
      • The minerals and pollutants commonly found in home water leave a filmy residue on clothes, glasses, and bathroom fixtures. A purification system will leave less behind while giving you the water you need.
    • Protect the Environment
      • Water treatment systems offer new, eco-friendly technology that provides clean water with a smaller impact on the environment. Plus, you won’t need to use as many plastic water bottles!
    • Reduce Health Risks
      • Contaminated water is full of minerals and chemicals that harm your family’s overall health. Reduce these health risks with a home water treatment system.
    • Keep Your Skin Clear
      • Fluoride, chlorine, and heavy metals such as lead can irritate skin and worsen existing skin conditions like eczema.
    • Save Money
      • Save yourself the trip to the store and the added cost for bottled water when you have clean, pure water from your faucets.


    Stay Informed About the Latest Water Treatment News

    We stay on top of the latest news and changes in home water treatment regulations to serve you best. Read the most important articles on home water treatment here.