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Iron and Sulfur Filters

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Iron and Sulfur Filters

If you’ve noticed the water from your faucet is coming out rusty, has a rotten egg smell, leaves a bad taste in your mouth or is staining the bathtubs, toilets and fixtures in your home, you are in need of a 1st Choice Water Solutions Iron and Sulfur whole house filtration system. A iron and sulfur filter removes the rusty, smelly and stinking water completely leaving you with clean, odorless, fresh-tasting water.

What kind of Iron and Sulfur Filter should I buy?

When you begin your search for the perfect home iron and sulfur filtration system, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Iron and Sulfur filters are not a one size fit all. There are also a wide range of iron and sulfur filter systems to choose from, including backwash, air injected (AIO) and chemical feed filtration that work to target specific iron, manganese or sulfur impurities.

Interested in a Iron and Sulfur Filter System?

If you need help determining what system is right for you and your home’s needs, give 1st Choice Water Solutions a call. We can conduct a free, no-obligation water test to narrow down what impurities are in your water and what solutions are best to combat them. We’ll talk you through all the iron and sulfur filtration options available to you, and then we’ll install the right one in your home. Get started on the path to clean water – contact 1st Choice Water Solutions.

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