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    Home Water Quality Solutions in Mid and Southeast Michigan

    We Have Many Options to Meet All Your Water Purification Needs

    We are lucky to have great home water supplies in America and in Michigan. With a renewed focus on the supply lines and water sources, more clean water gets to homes today. However, there are still many contaminants that seep into our home water we use to drink, wash clothes and dishes, bathe, and more. Home water filtration systems tailored to your family’s specific needs can help solve these problems.

    Many water purification systems are available to provide your home with safe water options. From water softeners and iron/sulfur filters to reverse osmosis and whole house filtration systems, 1st Choice Water Solutions has you covered. Whether you need a new system or maintenance to keep your current system running smoothly, we are ready to help.

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    At 1st Choice Water Solutions, taking care of our Michigan customers is in our DNA. Our goal is to diagnose your water problems, recommend a solution tailored to your needs, then make that solution a reality. From discolored, rusty water that smells bad to residue left behind on your clothes, dishes, sinks, and bathtubs, there are many troubling problems that home water filtration systems can solve for good.

    When you call the 1st Choice Water Solutions experts, we will get right to work. Our FREE, no-cost and no-obligation water analysis will give you an idea of the current state of your water system and your needs. Our knowledgeable techs will then install, repair, maintain, or provide you with the services you need to keep your water as pure as possible. Go back to enjoying your water with 1st Choice Water Solutions.

    The Many Ways 1st Choice Water Solutions Can Help You in Mid and Southeast Michigan

    • Installation
      • Avoid the problems that come with DIY water filtration system installations when you partner with seasoned professionals to make sure everything is in working order.
    • Salt Pickup-Delivery
      • Get the salt your system needs from 1st Choice Water Solutions and make your life easier with salt delivery right to your doorstep.
    • Repairs
      • Everything gets worn down over time. Keep your home water quality system running smoothly with emergency or scheduled repairs.
    • Water Softener Rental
      • Whether you need a water softener to tide you over or you know you’ll be moving soon, a water softener rental may be right for you.
    • Annual Maintenance
      • Annual maintenance is necessary to keep your system running without backing up your water supply or letting in any harmful chemicals or contaminants.
    • Financing
      • We have options for our customers to get the water quality solutions they need, even if their budget is tight. 1st Choice Water Solutions is here to help.

    Stay Informed About the Latest Water Treatment News

    We stay on top of the latest news and changes in home water treatment regulations to serve you best. Read the most important articles on home water treatment here.